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    Default A new arrival to my arsenal!!!

    For some time, I have been toying with the idea of acquiring a RLC detector, even though they are not yet used in my locale. I will actually be acquiring the Cheetah C50 from wolfpacal as partial compensation for me installing the STi-R on his vehicle. What are everyone's experiences with this device (having never personally used one)??? As well, when wolfpacal had it installed, the shop (for whatever reason) kept the cigarette lighter plug. Any ideas where to acquire one (my first guess would be from Cheetah)???

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    Default Re: A new arrival to my arsenal!!!

    Your can get the power cord ar CompUsa. Basically you need a cigarette to USB adapter, which the power cord then plugs into.

    I have been using the C50 for a while now and have been very happy with it. It has a lot of features other then red light and stationary speed cameras that I use (and never thought I would). I particularly like the speedometer function, as it's more accurate than the one built into the car.

    I also set my watch and car clock to the atomic clock feature, and often use the compass to figure out which direction I am going. That last part somes in handy when I don't want to break out the TomTom just to get through one or two turns.

    It does a great job of alerting to RLCs, and if people are reporting them, other types of traps as well. In particular, VASCAR and airplane enforced VASCAR.

    The only complaint I have is that the display is not very bright, and can sometimes be difficult to see in bright daylight if your windows are not tinted. Also, the process of signing up for database updates is a little bit of a hassle. I have also noticed that when I report RLCs and VASCAR traps to, they are slow to include the updates sometimes.

    That last point is becoming an issue with Airborne VASCAR. In my area they have been busy resurfacing roads lately, so the VASCAR locations are changing alot. This isn't that big of a deal though, as I prefer to use a TPAS to detect airplanes instead of slowing down for all VASCAR lines. This way, I just slow down for the active traps.

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    Default Re: A new arrival to my arsenal!!!

    Yep! I love mines also I took a trip to Las Vegas from Washington State and it came in handy.

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    Default Re: A new arrival to my arsenal!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by spartcus View Post
    Yep! I love mines also I took a trip to Las Vegas from Washington State and it came in handy.
    x2 I just got one too.Had it for a week.Love it!Gets sat lock in the garage!



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