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    Default Anyone using a C-100 or C-50 w/radar interface.

    This is kind of a weird post. I guess it could be here , Escort or Bel forum. I want a good detector but not a lot of false alerts when in the city. I was thinking of a Bel STI Driver and a C-100 with the interface module that keeps alerts off when below a certain speed that you set. At least that is my understanding of how it works. I don't think the C-50 works with said module. I know I could get a 9500ix or a Bel GX -65 Pro with the GPS part but hear lots of bad about the Bel and the 9500ix is out because of blue display. Or I could get a 9500i and convert over to ix. This is such a pain. I currently run a 8500X-50 blue. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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    Default Re: Anyone using a C-100 or C-50 w/radar interface.

    I think you might be looking for an SC55.

    I have the C50, but I wouldn't use it to kill falses while under speed even if I could. I have had situations where I was going to stomp on the gas, only to get a sudden IO blast before I reached the speed limit. If somone is shooting radar at me, I want to know about it whether I'm speeding or not.

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    Default Re: Anyone using a C-100 or C-50 w/radar interface.

    I am almost certain you can not intregrate the the c50, only the c100 and mirror.



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