I own both a C50 and a C100. I was wondering if there is a different database for each unit. It certainly appears that there are two different databases due to the method of updating each unit, the availability of updates (weekly for C50 and monthly for C100), and the numbering of the updates (also seems c100 update numbering system is not kept up to date).

And if there are in fact two different databases, are the same updates going to each database? In otherwords, will my C100 give me the same alerts that my C50 will give me (yes the C50 has different verbal expressions, but the c100 can still beep an alert). So for example, for all the updates that folks have been sending in (including the ones that I have sent in) will they be in both databases. Will I get those alerts on both my C50 and my C100?

And if the alerts will not be the same, what are the differences? i.e., what will the C50 alert me to that the C100 will not, and vice versa.

Thanks in advance for your response.