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    Default Can Cheetah wireless support 2 WFK setups in 1 car?

    I would like to know if the Cheetah wireless protocol can support a dual LASERnode/AUDIOnode setup in 1 car. Let me try to explain the details of my query.

    I would like to install 2 Blinder systems. 1 front, 1 rear so that I can distinguish between front and rear Lidar attacks. I want to use 2 Cheetah WFK's so that I can feed the audio into my car stereo, have front/rear visual alerts and make the install easier. It will look something like this.

    Car Front-M27#1-LASERnode#1)))AUDIOnode#1---v
    Car Rear -M27#2-LASERnode#2)))AUDIOnode#2---^

    (The AudioMixer and Stereo are just where the system comes together in my install)

    So I'm just trying to determine if the Cheetah wireless protocol will allow for 2 LASERnodes/AUDIOnodes to operate in the same vehicle. I could see how it might not work if I tried to power up the front and rear systems at the same time. But would it work if I powered up the 1st system and allowed for the wireless link to establish, then powered up the 2nd system and allowed that wireless link to establish.

    I'm not really concerned about the KEYFOB, STEALTHnode or POWERSENSEnode as I will not be using those to control the system. I'll be using a hardwire setup with manual switches to control the powering up of both systems and the JTK operation of the Blinders.

    NOTE: I've posed this question directly to Cheetah Support and will post their answer once I get it.
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    Default Re: Can Cheetah wireless support 2 WFK setups in 1 car?

    So I just got a response from Speed Cheetah Support. The answer to my inquiry is sufficient for me (or anyone wanting to do something similar) to make the system work the way I want with 1 minor tweak to the system. Which I will explain after this email text from Cheetah.

    Hi Eric,

    Yes, you can use 2 WFKs in one car. You will only need 1 AUDIOnode inside, as this will give the warning from either of the LASERnodes. It's not possible to have one AUDIOnode warn of the rear and one of the front - the system wasn't designed that way and is only single frequency. If you talk to Don Norton at, he'll be able to sell you just the components you need.

    Thanks for your kind words about our products :-)

    Best regards,

    So we can actually use multiple LASERnodes in 1 car...BUT...we can only use 1 AUDIOnode (or GPS Mirror). Which doesn't really surprise me. So I won't have 2 AUDIOnodes giving visual alerts. But I can still tie the Alert audio into the car stereo and wont need to run as many cables to the audio mixer. We can however, still get 2 visual alerts (1 front, 1 rear). The WFK's LJ1 connector cable has a "Status LED" that we can use to indicate which jammer, front or rear, is firing while the audio for both is piped through the AUDIOnode. So now the proper working config for having 2 wireless Blinders installed with audio tied into the car stereo and visual alerts for front/rear Lidar attacks, will look like this:

    Car Front-M27#1-LASERnode#1)))-------------->StatusLEDFront


    Car Rear -M27#2-LASERnode#2)))-------------->StatusLEDFront

    My hat goes off to Cheetah for their amazing customer support. The people responding to my inquiries have always been very helpful. Especially considering I am asking questions about using their technology in ways it was never really designed to be used in (ie dual freq/channel mode). I figured their hardware and wireless protocol was only designed for single channel use, but they clearly explained a way to use their hardware to meet my requirements.
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