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    Default Rpms dipping low with cheetah wireless node

    So after installing my cheetah i noticed on startups my rpms will dip right after startup im not sure if my ecu doesn't like the cheetahs ignition detection device or what. Does anyone else have this problem? When i unplug it from the battery its always fine. My cars ecu doesnt like much change at all an intake made it go crazy a while back. I tried to replicate it with the cheetah unplugged and i couldnt get it to do it. Its warm out so i dont see why rpms should be dipping like that.

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    Default Re: Rpms dipping low with cheetah wireless node


    Did you try this without the Cheetah Wireless setup and just the orignial RD or jammer on its own? The Cheetah Wireless equipment doesn't take much power, but the attached device might be drawing the power.



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