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    Default Laser visibility glasses

    On a hunch I was looking up laser Safety glasses on the off chance they coulf be used to spot laser being shot from patrol car, motor cycle etc.
    I came across these
    Hilti Online - PA 970 Laser Visibility Glasses

    Laser visibility glasses
    For improved visibility of the laser spot or line
    Dramatically improves visibility of laser spot
    Its supposed help in the ability to spot laser spots and follow a laser line. Not knowning the colot or the laser used in Lidar, does anyone know if this wpild jelp in spotting the use on lidar on the road? Theriy being one could spot the laser lune and follow the beam to its source,or would that be just too easy?

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    Default Re: Laser visibility glasses

    Lidar is in the near-infrared spectrum at 904nm, so not visible to the human eye. No amount of filtering will change the frequency of the light, so these must be meant for use with visible lasers. It would be cool if it were possible, but yes, too easy.

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    Default Re: Laser visibility glasses

    These are used for transits, oscillating and rotating lasers in construction so you don't fry your eyes out. These lasers are usually mounted on a tripod in the center of a room and rotate or sweep a laser beam back and forth at a decent rate forming a "line". For instance, installing a drop ceiling in a room. The laser beam rotates around the room at a set level and speed so the installer knows exactly the height his ceiling grid should be at. Same type of laser that is fired through a "laser pointer".

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    Default Re: Laser visibility glasses

    I pointed a digital camera at my laser gun. Didn't pick up anything. If I point a remote control at the camera you clearly see the diodes firing off. However, camera didn't pick up the 904nm beam from the laser gun.



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