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    Default why use more than one GPS unit?

    i have been using my gps as a counter measure for some time. i have noticed alot of people are using more than one gps in there cars at the same time, i have no idea why. can someone tell me what reason people would have to run two gps at the same time? i currently have a garmin 1490lmt and i have an old 200w and 205w doing nothing. all loaded with trapster except the 200w.

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    Default Re: why use more than one GPS unit?

    multiple screens displaying at one time, I like to use mine as a speedo etc, however i cant see the map with speed limit and the large speedo at the same time. I only run one though

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    Default Re: why use more than one GPS unit?

    multiple GPS systems are not something used for Counter-Measures, however, I could see the potential as follows:

    - Running Trapster, Waze, RadarActive all at once to ensure you get every single reported speed trap and RLC

    This is not something popular, or much heard of. We would suggest refraining from doing so as it is impractical.

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    Default Re: why use more than one GPS unit?

    My factory/OEM GPS "needs" a $400 updated disc to be "current" plus it doesn't allow me to program in my POI warnings for speed traps and upcoming rest stops so even though it has a 7" screen and voice input, I use my Tom Tom Via 1540 TM 5" screen 98% of the time. The Tomtom has live traffic warnings and free lifetime map upgrades and displays the speed limits if available so I find it more practical even though it is mounted right next to the OEM unit which I just keep on the clock display.

    I used to see which one had better routing and ETA estimates by having both of them route the same destinations to see which was more accurate and the Tom Tom won mostly b/c of the live traffic and ability to recommend alternate routes when it found traffic. I also liked the ability to instantly make updates to the map and speed limits on the Tomtom.

    I guess I actually drive with 3 GPSs b/c my 9500ix alerts me to red light cameras and speed traps too.
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