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    Default Speed trap GPS software suggestions requested

    Hey everyone. I noticed the growing popularity of software for GPS devices that use databases of speed cameras and known locations for speed traps to display alerts. I have 3 devices in my truck and I would like to hear some suggestions of what software I can use instead of buying a dedicated device that is expensive and uses more power from my truck.

    1. Mini-ITX Computer with a 7" touchscreen running Windows XP with a Microsoft GPS receiver and Wifi
    2. Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT
    3. Droid X running Android 2.2 (my phone)


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    Default Re: Speed trap GPS software suggestions requested

    What? No tiny-Linux computer?

    The bottleneck that I'm aware of isn't so much the hardware, but instead access to and integration with a database.

    For cost/power consumption, going with a Waze/Trapster app on the Android is one of the quickest. On the downside, you'd start the app each time. It can run in the background and alert when it spots something, but for many people, they like to be able to use their phone for other things without interruption (MP3 player, telephone, Grand Theft Auto 3, etc.)

    The next step up is Escort Live for $100 plus the EL-enabled RD ($300+ new). Pricier indeed. But for power draw, you're looking at ~250-600 milliamps, which is negligible on an automobile system.

    Other solutions I've seen go with the speed-camera database, but for speedtrap database access, that's a different animal.

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    Default Re: Speed trap GPS software suggestions requested

    Trapster is free on your smart phone.



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