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    Default not necessarily a countermeasure, more of a question

    Would tilting license plates, instead of leaving them mounted perfectly vertical, aid in scattering a laser beam, or re-directing it, so that it would be unusable by a LEO? I know the leo would just re-aim at headlights or grill, but if it works, could buy an extra couple of seconds and maybe increase the likelyhood of the beam being detected in time to shave off a few extra MPH's in response.

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    Default Re: not necessarily a countermeasure, more of a question

    Try it with a flash light in the dark. Ohio's white background plate has allot of reflective pigment.

    Tilting it would make the over all area smaller the more it' tilted.

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    Default Re: not necessarily a countermeasure, more of a question

    At average enforcement distance the beam would be roughly 3ft wide, reaming wouldn't be necessary, as the rest of the bumper, hood and windshield would reflect enough signal to get a read; the officer would be more likely to be delayed in getting a reading from wobbling between bumper and windshield at 1000ft than the plate to make a difference.



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