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    Default Phantom alert? or trapster?

    i am wondering if phantom alert actually works on the gps? also any have any of them actually saved you/

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    Default Re: Phantom alert? or trapster? FTW!

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    Default Re: Phantom alert? or trapster?

    Quote Originally Posted by NormSky View Post FTW!
    On trapster, locations where cops commonly sit, or could easily hide, are generally marked. In my experience, Waze only tells you if a cop has actually been spotted by another user recently, since warnings expire.

    Because of this, I find that Trapster is a good tool to use, simply because it tells you where you should be looking--Remember, a sharp eye is the best countermeasure we have!

    As for actual activity, accuracy, etc., Waze is a much better tool. Plus, it's great to have for its traffic routing features alone. Ideal would be to run both at once.



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