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    Default Vehicle Recording Device

    Looking for a good car video/audio recording device.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Recording Device

    I am also looking for the same thing. I have found a couple but they seem to have their issues with over heating, eating the cards or some other issue. BlackVue New DR400G-HD II(Season 2), Car Black Box/Car DVR Recorder, Full HD (1080p@30fps), G Sensor, GPS Tracking, 16GB SD Card Included: Car Electronics is one I am considering if it wasn't for the heat issue.
    On the inexpensive end I found this: R310 2.7-inch 140 degrees Dual Lens dash board camera car dvr black box video recorder + gps logger: Car Electronics
    But I want something with good video quality. I may just be looking for something that doesn't yet exist.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Recording Device

    forget the cheap crap! is awesome units. front back camera, g sensor, gps and lcd all built in! great customer service too!

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