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    Thanks again Stuart in regards of helping me get version 9 of the software update. lol I think that was it. Any how it worked.

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    This is the dumbest thing that cheetah international has done to date. They changed their update tool so that now you are required to log in after you have already logged in to their website just to initiate a download. If security is that big of an issue to cheetah they could at least Make it user friendly This is horrid! I have tried all of the above.

    1. Correct Driver for the Cheetah in question
    2. Made sure to install the tool as an Administrator.
    3. Even attempted to locate the file to download the pois directly to no avail as the morons to be at Cheetah Scotland, apparently in Scotland's Yard due to the insane security levels im encountering for no reason since i do pay for the database lifetime updates as well as the user im attempting to help update who is also locked out of his account because of such insane security on Cheetahs page.
    4. I even attempted to call Customer Support and the phone number for US support NO LONGER EXISTS out of AZ, and is actually saying it has been DISCONNECTED? This is the most current info from their own personal website. This took 1 1/2 hrs to even locate.

    Now heres a thought process perhaps if you make a person log into your site just to download the tool to install the software he already has access to the database. Thus, what is the point in locking it again with the same pass-code to cause nothing but the potential for a disturbance to users if your code is wrote improperly. This simply comes across as someone whom has no idea what they are dealing with computers, or the realm of coding, or error and risk prevention, and error managment.

    I have to ask myself one good question though.

    Who tested this before it was put into play? Apparently no one? Why is it that companies today put out software they don't even test once? Do they assume they are god that they are not human and make no mistakes?

    FED UP!

    Guess I'll keep trying to google for a link to a direct download to perhaps manually update. If I can even do that since I can't log in to the app to transfer the files to the cheetah.

    UPDATE: I can't even find a direct link! WOW cheetah REMOVED direct download links for their updates from their site you have to use their "BROKEN TOOL" now. AMAZING!

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