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    Default Why is video helpful in refuting tickets?

    Hi! Thanks for the help in advance.

    I searched the forums and could not acquire an answer to my questions.

    I was just following a rabbit and he/we got quick-triggered. I saw the cop hit his brakes so I knew he was coming after one of us. (BTW: I run a V1, but was able to brake before the V1 went off.)

    The road curved around a bend and the cop lost sight of both of us. I then slowed down to the speed limit and got in the right lane. I then pulled the V1 off the mount and hid all speeding paraphernalia .

    The cop passed me and pulled over his customer.

    A number of questions then arose in my mind:

    #1) Why is in-car video helpful to refute speeding tickets? (I have been eyeing a GoPro for exactly these types of incidents.)
    #2) How would have in-car video helped me had I been the one that the cop pulled over? Honestly, I was going the same speed as my rabbit, about 15 over.
    #3) If a cop loses sight of a car after popping him with radar can this be used in the driver's favor (I seem to remember reading this somewhere.)

    Many thanks for the thoughts!

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