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    Default Photo Jammers

    Has any one heard of these devices VF2 Photo Jammer

    Using a sophisticated sensor the VF2 immediately detect the police camera flash, and in that instant flashes the license plate with a powerful burst of white light. This downward flash across the plate instantly exposes your license plate with a powerful protective glow, so that the enforcement camera can not image the license plate number.

    do they really work??

    any help appreciated.

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    Thanks Roy I knew it was to good to be true.

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    Hum the VF2 is not the same as the old Backflash.

    From my knowledge, no one has actually reviewed the VF2. I'd love to post a link to the product but because of house rules here I can't. But it looks generally like a laser jammer unit like the Blinder, but sits above the license plate. When there is a flash, it flashes back, over-exposes the picture and makes it unreadable to the cops later. It obviously won't save you from laser hits when the cops pull you over, but helps against photo radar.

    The concept and theory are sound, I just wonder about the actual implentation. I have it from reliable sources that this really works well, but has anyone had any HANDS ON testing?



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