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    Default Any move to ban GPS-based warning devices?

    I do a website* about red light cams in California and a defendant has just asked me if there is any legislation proposed, or in effect, to ban the new GPS-based devices which warn you when you are approaching an intersection know to have a camera? I am interested in any legislation, anywhere in the US or Canada.

    And for those of you here in CA, some recommended reading. 1. Go to my website and read about Snitch Tickets. They are something very new and tricky, and everyone needs to warn their friends. 2. Also read about the attemps to pass bills to allow SPEED camera tickets in CA. I predict that such a bill will come back before the legislature 6 months from now.

    Thanks, and good luck, everyone.

    *My website,, is free-of-any-charge, non-commercial, and I am not selling anything there.

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    Some good info.

    AFAIK no legislation is around for that and i don't see it any time soon.

    how would they know that a GPS device has that info in it?

    My guess is it would take a lot for them to confiscate a GPS unit just to look for speed trap info.

    take a look at our camera section for GPS data.

    feel free to post any cameras we've missed.

    also, if you do, if possible include direction of any cameras not at an intersection, and any posted speed limits if you have them.

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    no gps ban here in the uk, but they are trying to ban radar detectors and jammer devices!

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    Default Re: Any move to ban GPS-based warning devices?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedLight
    And for those of you here in CA, some recommended reading. 1. Go to my website and read about Snitch Tickets..
    I don't thinks there's any legislation about GPS-based warning, but here's what I'm wondering after reading your "snitch ticket" section. What about the express lane citations on the 91 expressway? I got one a few years ago when my company let me borrow their 91 expressway thing, but it's a violation of them to let me use it if my vehicle isn't registered with it, and I guess I didn't have it mounted right or something. Anyways the letter they sent me told me to pay the fine to the expressway company I believe, I don't remember anything about court. I was wondering how they prosecute people who ignore the warnings sent out by this company, I do remember some vehicle code about toll roads being cited in the letter, but it definately wasn't a citation. Would the CHP issue a citation if I ignored the warning to pay, or would the 91 expressway company have to sue me for liability?

    Another interesting thing about it is it wasn't mailed to my registration address, or the mailing address on my driver license. At the time I told the court I was homeless and they had 'No physical address' recorded on file, the letter was sent to 'N PHYSICAL ADDRESS, Guasti, CA 91743' (guasti ca 91743 was the city/state/zip of the PO BOX address on my license and registration, I assume if they don't mail it to you're mailing address you could ignore it for the simple fact that you don't get mail at your physical address)



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