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    Default 6061 billet aluminum folding front license plate mounts

    Natually, this is an expensive over-engineered and just plain awesome license plate mount. Mostly it is for the 'JDM look' because real cars in Japan have to deal with speed cameras.

    While we don't have to deal with those cameras (yet), I wonder if this might help shrink the radar or lidar signature of the car just a tiny little bit. Specifically, I'm curious what angling the plate would do if it was Veiled or covered with a, um...cover.

    At speed the plate would be tilted facing the ground. Radar hitting the palte would bounce to the asphalt. I'm guessing that Laser hitting the plate would partly reflect towards the gound and partly retro-reflect back towards the Lidar gun. I'm thinking that's better than reflecting nearly 100% of the laser back towards the cop.

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    Yes I've seen some other people who have experimented with this. It looks like pointing your license plate up to the sky or at the ground DOES reduce the amount of light that is returned to the lidar gun.

    It won't have any affect on radar.

    It's also not worth 100 bucks.



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