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    Police have a new tool to help catch speeders on Duke City roads.

    For the past several months, the Albuquerque Police Department has used undercover minivans equipped with photo-radar equipment to catch speeders in school zones. During that time, the vans' cameras caught more than 2,000 people speeding.

    "It's an automated system where the van will actually monitor the speed, take a picture of the violator, a short video clip, and a citation will be automatically issued to the registered owner of that vehicle," said Deputy Chief Ed Sauer.

    Now, the police department is taking the minivans to all Duke City streets. Someone getting caught going even 1 mph over the speed limit will get a ticket in the mail.

    The fine for 1 mph is $100 and increases to up to $400 for going more than 35 mph over the posted speed limit. APD said officers would allow for what they call a speed variance among automobiles.

    Police said they would focus on neighborhood streets but could place the vans on any city street, including interstates 40 and 25.

    ***Boy, the traffice defense attorneys .. and the ACLU...oughta be licking their chops at this crap!!***

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    This is now when federal rights and the right to travel is seriously being violated.

    Shapiro v Thompson, 394 US 618; 89 S Ct 1322; 22 L Ed 2d 600 (1969) (public assistance benefits); King v New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority, 442 F2d 646 (CA 2) cert den 404 US 863; 92 S Ct 113; 30 L Ed 2d 107 (1971) (public housing); Keenan v Board of Law Examiners, 317 F Supp 1350 (ED NC, 1970) (3-judge court, issue of admission to the bar); Vaughan v Bower, 313 F Supp 37 (Arizona, 3-judge court) aff'd mem 400 US 884; 91 S Ct 139; 27 L Ed 2d 129 (1970) (medical aid). Politicians with base motives often like to attack the "right to travel," people who are poor and need welfare benefits, housing benefits, or medical help. Attacking the "right to travel" via invented, fabricated "speed limits" is just another aspect of base motives of politicians.



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