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    Default So any protection from Redflex, Super protector may not work

    So here in Albuquerque, NM they recently put up 9 red light cameras. They all have a mounted radar unit with them but only one is currently recording speeders. All the others are just red light runners. My questions is: my friend recently got a ticket for running the light, when they sent him the citation it has a url link to visit so he could see him self running in on video. In addition to this they also had the still images of his plate. Here in ABQ they donít send you a photo of the driver because they have no cameras pointed toward the driver. So after visiting redflexís website and seeing the video feeds on the news of the camera recording cars we know they are also equipped with a video camera. So no mater if you have a flash back device or prism plates eventually it will still see you at a certain angle. The actual picture may block the image but not the video camera right?

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    yeah, pretty much.

    i tested the Superprotector in Scottsdale with those cameras, which used strips in the road and not radar, and they were able to read my plate, as i got a warning in the mail. (tested it during the "grace period"). i'm guessing the video got me. the first time i tried it i didn't get a warning, but i was in heavy traffic. the second time near the end of the grace period no one was around me.

    for these cameras GPS is pretty much it right now. it can also warn of the red light cameras, but if you run them you won't be protected of course, unless you get one of those devices where you manually flip down your plate, or find some of that glass that instantly goes dark when you flip a switch.
    both of those have been discussed around here too.

    welcome to the forum.
    if you get a chance go to the camera GPS section and follow the format and let us know the location and info of those new cameras.

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    they use digital cameras so theres no negatives.

    in terms this means they can zoom in and do things to the picture to make the plate clearer.

    it would be worth checking in law that this is legal, for them to zoom in on your plate since its digital and doesnt require negatives..

    and so in technical terms this means they are tampering with evidence, which is illegal in uk law, and probibly us...

    obviosuly this needs checking into because the digital cameras may be illegal as you have to tamper with the evidence to read it!

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    Thank you very much for the information! One of these interesections we have here in Albuquerque has to be a hot money maker. This particular intersections runs radar for speeders who go through to quickly. Standing there I saw it flash for 3 cars. I'm assuming if you got a ticket and another car was around you it would be an easy fight in court. Radar is sloppy as hell and difficult to determine who you actually locked in heavy traffic.

    Darn RedFlex!



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