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    Default Photo Radar - Super Protector

    Anybody use their super protector license plate shield to go through the express lane in tollways. i use the tollway everyday to work and i have to make 4 stops, each cost a $1.25. So i spend about 10 bucks a day getting to and from work in the Houston area. One day i though i had the right amount of change to pay the toll but came up short so i went through the express lane. The express lane is for people that have what is called an ez-tag and is usually put on their visor in their car to permit them to use the express lane and i think they pay 29.95 a month for that.

    Going back to the day i had didnt have the change in my pocket i went through the express lane and then a photo was taken of my license plate while passing through. I was mailed a fine for $1.25 for the toll and $15.00 charge for a processing fee and a photo was shown of the back of my car and my license plate.

    Hmmm... that super protector would blur out my license plate everytime and i would save a ton of money. Anybody else try or do this? Its a cash cow tollway anyways and has been paid for many times over so what the hell.....
    Anyone thought of doing this or have been doing this for some time?

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    Couldn't hurt to try it out.

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    sounds funny to me, they might catch onto you after a while.
    might have a cop waiting for you at the other end.

    if your car is standard with no tell tail sighs on the back then you could get away with it again i would think.

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    Wow, 1.25 per toll :shock: Thats alot... But yea, eventually, they might put a cop there or something. Here in Florida, the EZ-tag(sunpass) doesnt require a monthly payment. Its more like you pay like 25 bucks for one, then you have to at least put a starting amount of 25 dollars. Everytime you go through the toll, it charges you the amount of the toll, sometimes even lower.



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