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    Default 'Total Eclipse' Plate Cover Doesn't Work

    I ordered a "total eclipse" which was supposed to block some of the plate at an angle...just like they show in the photos on their site.

    What came was absolutely worthless. I was able to take digital photos of my "total eclipse" from every angle.

    I just got an email saying the one I sent back was not defective and was like all the rest.

    If this is the case, they are a bunch of STINKING LIARS.
    Their web site shows photos of something OTHER than their products.

    I understand this is a sale from a different site, but wanted to get feedback from people here and the forum administrator if he knows what is up with these people...

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    Well they sell RMR products.. what do you want?

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    I knew it was too good to be true

    I would just photocopy the plates and put a regular superprotector plate on top.

    Thanks for the info man.

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    Default BestRadarDetector

    Well 1st off we didn't sell you the cover, we don't carry them.

    Secondly I don't appreciated your tone about butt kissing, I have no idea whom you made the purchase from and frankly I don't care! Take up your complaint with them, not us.

    Third, Showcasing a product such as a RMR-C450 on their home page should had been your 1st clue that this outfit was going to screw you!
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    Isnt totally different than this website If so i think you got yourself confused bro and are at the wrong place. Besides, Im positive roy's seller website is, I dont think he sells out of another website. Sorry to hear about the purchase though, i would contact them and get a refund in full.

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    It is a different website, and I am happy to see the site admin distanceing himself from it.

    They are now offering me a refund for the "total eclipse" and are sending me a photo plate that is going to be the same as advertised...

    I am going to leave these posts up as a warning to everyone that the total eclipse is a total piece of sh#*.

    We shall see how this ends up.

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    Default New photo plate works

    I finally got the replacement plate which is photo radar only. This plate does have the property of blocking part of the plate at an angle.

    So this product does work.

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    it will work but it blocks it out of the cops view as he rolls up next to u at the lights...busted.



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