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    Default I got flashed when i make a turn.

    Hi, is there anyone know if i was making a turn to the right with a red light and i didn't stop all the way, and i got flashed by the red light camera.... will I get a ticket for that???? and is there anyone know how much would that be?

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    I doubt they will give you a ticket it is just programed to flash when something passes the light but if they do give you a ticket ,its not going to be because you didnt stop all the way,it would probobly be if there was a "no turn on red" sign,probobly about 75$

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    there wasn't a sign say "no turn on red" and i worried how far can the camera take.... because i have no front license plate but yes i got back plate...

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    Yes, you likely will get a ticket in the mail. We use RedFlex here in ABQ and our of my manager got one for rolling through a red and she almost came to a complete stop on the right turn. 100 bucks ;( they use sensorsin the street (you can acutally see them)

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    if you live in chicago you will get a photo in the mail, one of my neighboors did that a while ago while making a left turn but the sign said "left on green arrow ONLY" which in your case you might be able to fight it and win, and chicago uses redflex cameras too but i'm not sure if it's digital or not you can see two bright flashes though even in the daylight



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