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    Default speed camera qustion. Are they based on radar or laser.

    excuse me for being paranoi.

    I was driving on I580 and I205 in northern california. And I got a few K and Ka blips (show a weak signal) on my V1. I did not seek a smoke. It was for sure not the strong and multiple warning I got on my V1 when I pass two police cruiser today (same trip bussy day).

    I was woundering if these could be speed photo enforcement units. My question is does speed photo enforcement units use radar or lazer? And would I get a strong signal like when I pass a police cruiser or when the laser was for sure pointed in my direction.


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    Default speed cameras

    Speed cameras are radar enforced, and a few are enforced by sensors in the ground (or so I heard). Speed cameras are never laser enforced.

    If you get hit with laser, your V1 will give a laser alert, which is regardless of the strength. The laser alert is pretty loud on the V1.

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    Default Re: speed cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedingVolvo
    Speed cameras are never laser enforced.
    Here in Charlotte, NC they use a Pro Laser III for Speed Photo's


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    photo enforcement can use both radar and LIDAR. also in NZ we have mounted speed cameras which are triggered by things in the road like pressure pads.

    isnt the Multanova a laser based one?

    you should get a strong warning when approaching a radar speed camera with a V1

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    Default laser

    Mybad, didn't know speed cameras were ever laser enforced.

    I thought LIDAR guns required an operator to aim the gun at the plate/lights/etc.

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    So were not the only ones with the laser vans there rife here in the uk,

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    Almost all stationary cameras (Red Light) use induction loops in the ground. If you look you can usually see the cut line where they laid them. 2 loops it judges the speed the first loop was tripped and then the second determining your speed with out any detection from a RD. Now speed vans have their option of radar or lidar



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