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    This sound crazy. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. How about on the license plate make a device that will shake the license plate side to side violently to the point where its so bad that the picture just shows a blur on the license plate. Could this be done. It would of course look hilarious when viewing it from another car. Because when you wave your hand infront of a digital camera real fast it blurs even with a quick shutter speed it still does.

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    Default that

    That is funny Whistlerfan!

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    As funny as it is. It might work who knows.

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    Would depend on the car because on mine there is no room for the license plate to move at all. Might as well make a system where the plate is on a thing where it hides away...James Bond style lol.

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    Well the shaking device would be funny to watch. But also it would be pretty cheap to try to make some kind of license plate flip down device. That could be remote operated from the driver seat. The plate would sit in a bracket that holds the plate and flips it down or basically the plate drops down non motor fall then a small motor lifts the plate backup into position. I guess it could be a motorized fall it would have to be very quick. The same could be down with the front. Of course their is no way at all the photo could determine what the heck your license plate number is because your plates are in a drop down position with even the backside of the plates covered to hide the indents of the numbers. Police could never figure out the device because to the eye it just looks like a simple mounting bracket. You see mounting brackets for license plates all the time on the road. The only catch is make sure a cop is not behind you when you need to flip it down.

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    OMG that is hilarious I gotta get me one of those.



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