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    Default *&@$^!@ Red Light!

    Okay so, it's not confirmed yet, but I tthink I may be receiving some interesting mail from Carrollton within the next few weeks. I was there Monday doing my job. I forget what street I was driving, but at an intersection the light turned yellow and before I could think I slammed on the accelerator. An instant later I thought, "Oh sht, this is Carrollton. Redlight camera?!" Looked and sure as sin there it was. Too late to stop, I just kept going. I didn't see a flash so maybe I'm clean and clear. Also there wasn't a sign warning that it was photo enforced. My it legal to enforce this if there is no warning sign? I've heard a little from both sides. Nothing for sure though. Thanks.

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    Default well

    Well, there ought to be a sign warning you of a RLC.

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    Unfortunately most don't use normal flashes anymore so you wouldn't have seen it. Most use IR (at least around here)

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    In NY they don't have to warn you maybe they have to put up a sign by me entering NYC limits on the highway it says Red Light photo enforced in NYC limits thats it only one sign on the highway I never really noticed it until the other day



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