In Arlington Texas they have already installed red light cameras but now they have put them up somewhere else.

Rail Road Crossings. That's right, now if you run through the red flashing lights and go around the arms it will take a pic and you will get a ticket.

It works like this. After 3 seconds of the lights flashing if you attempt to go around or continue on through it will take a pic.

This was on the news. They also said that more than 40 trains pass through arlinton on a daily basis and it is one of bussiest areas in the nation as it was back in the 1800's or something. They are not only going to put this at just one crossing but a lot of other crossings as they have had 4 deaths in just 5 years.

I kinda agree on the whole railroad crossing thing but man how many tickets are they going to issue to drivers who really didn't run it. I mean 3 seconds? Thats how long it takes for me to hit the brakes. Then what if I have a trailer like I normally do. Lets hope I can stop within 3 seconds and not go over the stop line or whatever they have that triggers the camera.