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    anybody has foxplate on their car yet. Being that this seems to be the only way to defeat all speed and red light cameras.

    Grant it if their is a cop around you would be caught doing such. But of course in general traffic this would be hard to spot and chances are a cop wont be around. Which inturn the speed camera would see nothing but your paint.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make a remote one for myself. Instead of spending 200 some dollars for a foxplate.

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    Default foxplate

    Haha that is pretty cool. It would not work for mobile speed cameras though. Is it available for United States size plates?

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    yes they are

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    Site says not until the 4th qtr of this year.

    It bothers me that they took this long based on a brief email with them last year. Either way, I'm ready to buy now!

    to support

    Dear Sir:
    Will you be producing a USA style plate holder in the future?


    *****, TX USA

    Foxplate Support
    to me

    Yes, Just doing some testing for the US version, it will be available soon


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    Personally I don't think they're worth the price. If you plan to run a toll booth or do something ellegal, then this will help, as you drop the plate via a switch.

    For someone who need this for the one time they forget their e-z-pass home, or for the occasional red light runner it doesn't help, as the plate is still visable. Just my $.02

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    Ingenious idea, but pretty damn overpriced

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    They're in the process of changing production over to somewhere in Asia.
    It better be cheaper with that outsourced labor.



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