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    Default Speed Defeats Photo Radar Video??

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    i've seen that before... but its good if your in usa and cant get top gear and havent seen that before!!

    did you notice there was no 2nd flash when the merc went passed at 148mph!!

    i also noticed as i kept repeating it when the merc goes passed the radar does the speed and then triggers the flash at 148 mph the radar is lightiningly quick!!

    for how fast its going that radar pulse rate is extremely fast
    Radar pulses travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). i dont know if this is the same for the doppler radar,

    the gatso24 radar takes at least 400 readings when the car goes through the radar beam!

    also thats an extremely fast processor.......

    i wonder if they have intel pentium 7!



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