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    I was driving on the 101 and a flash went off right in my face. I was going speed limit and I saw the bulbs flash. I'm afraid that I will get a ticket but I was speeding at all. There was a car tailgating me, I don't know if that would affect how the camera reads the speed. How does the strips on the ground work? What if I pass one strip and the car behind me immediately passes it as well, would it be able to trick the second strip thinking and the device thinks that I am speeding or do I clear both strips before the another car can? Thank you for your time.

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    Well the embedded strips measure the time it takes one axle to cross point a to point b

    A car following behind should not be of concern

    Watch you mail during the coming week and see if they send anything
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    So basically, the camera would only flash if you were speeding or it was just a test flash?

    Doesn't seem like there could be an error.

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    it may have been someone in another lane as well.
    i've had that happen, where i was at the speed limit, and another vehicle wasn't and they got flashed.

    it wouldn't be a test flash unless you saw a worker on it, and the only time i've see that was when they put in the new cameras, since they changed camera companies.

    even though there is a gap between the front and rear cameras, if you look at the road you can see the spot where the strips are in the middle.

    also on side note, FYI, they are converting most of the redlight cams here to "speed on green" as well, so it's no longer not running a red light, but going too fast on a green.

    like Roy said, i wouldn't be too concerned unless you get something in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

    oh, and don't answer tyhe dooe to strangers for he next few weeks.. :wink:

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    Thanks for the responses. Do they take the picture of the plate from the back of the vehicle?

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    both front and back.
    back for plate and front for driver ID.



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