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    Default speed trailer or speed display


    I past one of these the other day at the airport. The speed trailer looked similar to this:

    If you are going too fast, does it take a picture of you, could you get a ticket for this? Thanks

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    I doubt it, but cant be too careful.

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    Very, very rarely do those every incorporate a camera. Some may have a strobe on them to make you think they took your picture, but since speed cameras are mainly a money making tool, putting one out in the open like that would defeat their purpose for existing.

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    Oh no! there are actually some that i've read that flash when you speed but it's not a camera it's to scare the drivers but no they do not take a picture you at all. If that was the case i would have over 100 tickets by now for racing against the monitor to see how high i can get it lol.

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    There usually isn't a camera by it, but some police departments like to hide their officers near it and they nail you going by it. Some people know that its usually just a non-camera sign, get complacent about the K band going off near it, and then start disreguarding the brap in that area. Perfect for a cop who wants to nail someone with an RD.

    Hence why I never speed by one of those... I don't know if PSP are nearby.

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