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    will michgan ever get photo radar or anything cool like that anytime soon? i travel alot and pass through IL and i always notice the cameras. Iv seen many people on here recommend the lis-plate cover and then some say that some cameras it wont matter it will still get your photo.

    i have no means to buy it now simply because michigan doesnt have the money for the systems. But when i go to ohio which i like about 30 min from and find myself there often they have red light cameras as well as speed cameras. Any help with that?

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    According to my reading, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has ruled that photo radar and redlight photo is not legal for citations in the state of Michigan, when Southgate asked about the idea some time ago. For now, an officer has to personally witness an infraction. Of course, this could change at any time. I've also read however that a town near Jackson has been issuing warning tickets off of redlight cameras.



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