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    Default Mythbusters speed camera

    Anyone see the mythbusters testing different ways to be at a speed camera?

    I missed some of it, but saw Adam only get up to a measily 123 mph in a Lamborgini (sp) Murchiolago (again sp lol). The pro driver got it up to 140ish and the camera was still able to capture his plates. So speed didnt work.

    The part I missed was testing films, plate blockers and stuff like that, hopefully someone saw it and can add on to what they found out.

    The only thing they said worked was jamies little plate flipping contraption, which was pretty cool.

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    Spoiler: show

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    they did do the mirror plate. they said it did not work. I should take pictures of my car plate at that angel and send it to them.

    I do not like that show, they dont do a good job at all. Its all comtrolled by law

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    i would not believe anything the mythbusters said on this one. it was never possible that they would tell what would work on the show because if they did it would be cancelled and they would be in deep cr@p. however if they found something that does work im sure theyre using it themselves.



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