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    Default Where is speed camera used in the US

    Hey I Live in NY and have never seen a speed camera in my area in fact I never even knew the existed in the US but apparently they do and nearby, anyways I just would like to know what states have these cameras just incase I travel through them.

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    Default Maryland Has Them

    I don't know about other states but they are starting to appear here in Montgomery County Maryland (Randolph Road). Last night I took a drive to check them out. Everyone was heading home (rush hour traffic) and it was weird seeing the camera flashing in the failing sunlight.

    The cameras use radar (my trusty V1 tells me long before I'm in range). I slowed down while a car next to me kept right on speeding and suddenly for him it was, "Smile and say Cheese".

    But seriously, it looks like they're installing them only in areas where there's been a lot of accidents or speeding would be especially bad. One is in a school zone, the other is at an intersection where lots of accidents have occurred. I'm sure there will be more.

    Also, they look just like redlight cameras but they are not. I also think they are adjusted to allow people to go 5 over the limit but that's just a guess.

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    Arizona has them. Most in Scottsdale on the freeway and a few on the street. Tempe is starting to put them in the downtown area.. But they all use magnets in the road so a radar detector is no help. Good thing is they have warning signs and the magnetic sensor is literally 20 feet in front of the camera so you have to be an idiot to get caught.

    Now we have mobil vans that use low powered KA radar.. So far my V1 has picked them up from 200 feet to 1/4 mile deepening on the location of the van.

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    5 over is BS most cops give you 10 overthats what I usually do and trust me I am the slowest guy on the road but if I don't have to be anywhere in hurry I don't speed that much save gas and relax. WHen I head down to Pittsburgh I like to speed especially on those boring straight roads.

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    Arizona both red light (RL) and speed photo enforcement
    California RL
    Colorado both
    Delaware RL
    Flordia RL
    Georgia RL
    Illinois Both
    Louisiana RL
    Maryland Both
    Missouri RL
    New Mexico Both
    New York RL
    North Carolina Both
    Ohio Both
    Oregon Both
    Pennsylvania RL
    Rhode Island RL
    South Dakota RL
    Tennessee Both
    Texas Both
    Virginia RL
    Washington Both
    DC Both



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