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    Default Got snapped making a right turn in Toronto

    Hi all,

    I got a ticket while making a right turn, they don't have a photo of my car going pass the intersection/ crosswalk. Just a photo of my car before the crosswalk, with the brake lights on :wink: .
    Does anyone know if I could fight this off?
    I'm going to court on Wednesday, Jan 9th 2008.
    Thanks in advance!

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    carefull that they didn't take another picture of your car after the turn and your not aware of it. Go back and see if you can spot another camera with your detector....if it can detect...

    Gosh I have these cash-photo things...

    Good luck!

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    They sent me a picture of my car before the intersection, and another picture of the intersection without my car present. I'm pretty sure there isn't another red light camera angled at the right turn lane.
    It just so happens I got clipped probably because I was close to the center lane due to a last minute lane change.

    All I'm going to say to the judge is that I did not run the red light, and present the camera photos for my benefit. I would admit that I made a right turn.

    I just don't want the Judge to throw a "Failure to stop" ticket/fine at me after informing him .

    Thanks for the reply!

    Any other comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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