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    Default The Stacking Principle

    I've wondered it before - and I've seen posts where folks wonder if they can use multiple countermeasures on one area (spray/coating/cover, etc). I'm curious if anyone has successfully figured out an ULTIMATE countermeasure using the stacking principle. The logical problems of course can hamper a good idea (classic example, Veil + Photoblocker - one made for defeating the path of light, the other to maximize reflection). Yet we all want the gamut of protection in one nice package.

    Has anyone come up with a stacking combination that they've found to work really well? I'm in Ohio where laser is particularly pesky, so obviously Veil for headlights, and maybe laser shield for plates. BUT, as Happya$$ has noted, camera enforcements are starting to pop like weeds (I contacted the state house representatives urging them to vote against them per House Bill 56 {}, and commended the mayor of Cincinnati for putting the brakes on RLC's - but they are still going to be a menace SOMEWHERE.... other states get away with them big time). Would double plate-stacking have merit? (laser shield backed by superprotector followed by license plate). Or would that seriously muddle normal visibility? It seems to be sound - front guard for laser diffraction, then next layer to throw off side/upper visuals. How about Veil on TOP of superprotector? Any thoughts?

    Other combinations that people think MAY work or have demonstrated to work? Ultimate setups AND budget-minded ones welcome. The goal here is holistic protection, so thinking caps ON, and toss in your 2c !! 8)

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    photo radar then you need revolving number plates ..

    if it was good enough for ''james bond'' its good enough for us!

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    Well, i'm working on some stuff, but it's still a work in progress, so i'll have to get back to you on that.
    Most of the stuff's in my sig, but i'm looking at other things to.

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    Have you seen the electronic glass used in some bars for doors and on some exotic cars? You flip a switch and the glass goes from clear to black opaque. If we could get one as a plate cover it would be sweet. Although it would still rely on our own awareness and reaction time to hit the switch before the camera gets our plate.



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