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    Default Radar Van parked next to speed sign?

    I got tagged doing 37mph in a 30mph zone (just got flashed). Here's the kicker. The van was parked about 10 yards from the sign displaying "40MPH." I went back and got a photo of the van, and you can clearly see it almost next to the sign saying 40. Can I use this to my advantage?

    While I took the picture, it flashed nearly non-stop. Every 4th or 5th car that went by got flashed. They must be issuing $10k of tickets a day from that one van.

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    Where do you live? That would help in determining the laws reguarding speed vans and speed traps near speed limit signs.

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    Portland, Oregon

    Oh yeah, after doing some math on the issue, it seems $100-$300k in daily tickets is more accurate. I think that escalates it from scam to outright extortion of the populace.



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