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    Default Getting Red Light Ticket for Legal Right Turn on Red

    I started a new thread so people will read this. I just called the police department that issued my citation. They reviewed the photographs with me on the phone and said if the car does not look like it's turning (mine didn't but my blinker is visible) they will issue a citation.

    This means you can get a ticket for making a legal right turn on red! Be careful out there...Big Brother needs glasses.

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    I have physically watched this take place, and cameras snapping photos of people making legal right hand turns on red.

    I've even seen cameras snapping photos of people making a legal left hand turn on red. You know...when the light is green, and you pull to the center of the intersection and wait for oncoming traffic to pass so you can make your left, and before you know it, you are in the middle of the intersection on a red, and it snaps the picture as you follow through with your left turn and move your vehicle out of the intersection :roll:

    I had an elderly friend who received a camera ticket for going through a red light. What the camera doesn't show is the 18wheeler behind him with locked up brakes, as my friend proceeded through the intersection as to not get himself killed.

    I hate cameras....



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