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    Default Best inconspicuous 2 in 1 anti-photo, anti-laser solution?

    I've read so much on this stuff that my eyes are glazing over, so maybe there is an all-in-one solution that I'm missing. I currently have a laser shield on my front plate and photoblocker treatment on both plates. I didn't expect the photoblocker to work on the front plate behind the laser shield, but I figure most cameras try to snap pictures from the back anyway. Contrary to what the label says, photoblocker DID yellow over time on my rear plate and lost all reflectibility as a result. It doesn't appear that my front plate yellowed, but that's because it was mostly shielded from the elements sitting behind the laser shield. I used to have one of those anti-photo plate covers, but it called so much attention to itself that it got me a ticket. Is there a solution that works for everything, photo and laser all while not making your car stand out as a result?

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    Theres no all in one solution for this but the best would be a Veil coated laser shield and a vf photo jammer if a cop stops you just tell him its a plate light but it doesnt works anymore 8)



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