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Thread: Photo radar fun

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    Default Photo radar fun

    A few weeks ago I got one in the mail ... wait, to my knowledge I never actually received it :wink:

    Anyways I use Zaino "show car polish" on my car and happen to also use their "Gloss Enhancer" detail spray to keep my windows sparkly clean ... the stuff is very reflective and in this latest ticket the windshield is washed out with glare and you can't see me .... hmm ....

    It would also be fun to carry one of those million-candle-power spotlights and blast the photo radar cameras with it. (Assuming your rear plate is protected.)

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    what they'd get would be over exposed picture, all white!

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    yeah or a laser light straight into the camera lens....screws em up...

    I always wanted to take my plate off and wheel stand past one on my bike.



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