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    Default LEO opinions on photo radar

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard any anti photo radar opinions come from their local or state PD's? Here in Arizona the DPS (staties) has publicly come out against photo radar, stating that only real live officers have any effect on speed and that the cameras are a way to cut costs by replacing live officers with machines. So far no local LEOs have stopped me for my super protector which leads me to believe they're against photo too. Anyone else heard anything from the LEO community?

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    Here in Quebec , the idea to install photo-camera was put on the table for study . The association of State Police Officers said no , same for the Montreal's ''syndicate of Leo.

    In short , the Leo see photo radar as a job reserved to them.

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    I would wonder if the police agencies get a "cut" of what they take in as fines? That would definately explain all your questions

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    I'm blessed not to have too much business to do in this photo-radar group, in 1995 as soon as the Conservatives of Ontario won the elections they immediately banned the use of photo-radar based on infringing into citizens'privacy... after 8 years in power they lost the elections, left-wing liberals are now in power in Ontario, as well as Canada, I've already heard rumors that city mayors are pushing the Ont gov to reintroduce photo-radar because, and that's no lie, they cannot pay themselves the enourmos sallaries they easilly approved for themselves :x
    And ABSOLUTELLY, PDs get their own share of the revenue they bring to the city they work for, mostly new equipment, cruisers, NEW radar/laser guns, why not promotions, and when comes time for a new contract they will push for higher sallaries cause they have been of a great help for the city budget :roll:

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    We have nothing but photoradar, ticketing almost 7,5 million tickets a year, grossing 550 million euro.



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