Now (Aug. 26 - 31, 2008) is the last few days of the legislative session in Sacramento and they are scrambling to find money for the budget. SB 1325 is a bill to allow speed cameras in California. It would bring $1 billion to State coffers. It has not passed yet - in fact it is half dead. But it is worth so much money that it could come back to life sometime this week, with very little warning. So little warning that it would not be possible to begin a "letter writing" campaign in time to stop it. So, the way to deal with it is via some preventive medicine - calling legislators ahead of time, tell them that they will lose your vote if they vote to bring SB 1325 back alive.

If it's not obvious yet, I'm asking your to call your state assemblyman and state senator, right away, and ask them not to vote for 1325. You can get their #'s by using this official lookup:
Because time is short, I recommend that you call their Sacramento office, not their local district office. Also, don't email. Your live voice is ten times more effective than an email.

I am also asking you to call your auto club, as they have permanent lobbyists in Sacramento, and carry a lot of clout. Their headquarters numbers are:
AAA Southern Cal: 714 885-1222 (CEO Thomas McKernan)
AAA Norhtern Cal: 415 565-2005 (CEO Jim Pouliot)

Or use this list of numbers: Home - Fighting Red Light Camera Tickets/redlightcamsjoin.htm#ActionPurpleBox