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    Default GPS device photo and speed cams

    Here is a link that was updated in June of 08
    You can load this on your GPS device or Navigation system.

    sticky this if you want i will be updating them as the updates come out
    they are GPX files so converting them over to a different format should be a snap
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    Default Re: GPS device photo and speed cams

    well you sparked my interest. My stereo is capable of detecting speed/redlight cameras, however it uses some weird .spud file. I found some excel file with macros that's supposed to work with gpx and google earth files, but I keep getting run time errors. It did however work with OTHER .spud files. So I found someone who compiled a bunch into 'East' and 'West'.. using the program I merged both files into one file. So here it is for the masses who happen to have this lame miomaps gps system.

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    Default Re: GPS device photo and speed cams




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