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    Default Holiday Anti-Radar Present...All Warapped Up..

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    Default Re: Holiday Anti-Radar Present...All Warapped Up..

    Already posted in the news section

    Any statements, opinions, written material, forms or similar written or distributed communications contained in my posts are purely available for informational and educational purposes, and are solely my informed opinion and is not legal advice or a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you are seeking legal advice regarding your particular situation, please consult a[n] [in]competent attorney in your area. I am not a real attorney and my opinions may not be relevant to your particular situation or the facts of your particular case.

    Spoiler: show

    Blinder HP-905 Dual up front
    Bel STi-R Remote, X OFF, SWS ON, POP ON, RDR OFF, KA 2/3 - 33.8, 5/6 34.7 and 8/9 35.5 ON, all other KA segments off.

    Previous countermeasures:
    2007ish-2014 Sold with vehicle

    Roadmaster VR-3 VRVD640G In-dash DVD/GPS system with Speed/Redlight Camera alerts
    Radioshack Pro-97 Triple-Trunk analog scanner
    Cobra 19 ULTRA III CB Radio w/ Little Wil Antenna
    2009 - 2013 Blinder M25 Jammer 2-head(J16) system up front.

    2008-2009 Whistler XTR-695

    2006-2008 Passport SRX 2 front, 1 back plate (Fried, sent to KustomEagle)

    October 2002-2006 RadioShack Talking 360 Degree Laser/Radar Detector w/VG-2 Guard Cat #22-1682 non-FCC certified

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