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    From what I remember (if I'm right), when you have a picture taken by a RLC, it's pretty much debatable as long as you cross the line before the end of the red light's "on-time". I know there is a published "on-time" for incandescent bulbs, but has there been a published time for LEDs?

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    Don't know of the time involved with that but I do know that many places allow a few fractions of a second before ticketing.

    Also there was a Californian incident recently, and a previous one in Louisiana, where tickets were dismissed because you could see both the red lights and green lights on at the same time in the ticket photo.

    Don't forget, the line where the offence is deemed to have taken place can also be different from state to state.

    In a lot of states (especially in the South & West) the red light offence has nothing to do with clearing the white line or stop bar in time. Usually it's an imaginary line, known as the "promulgation of the curb," which runs from level with the edge of the sidewalk on the crossing street.

    The promulgation of the curb can sometimes be as far as 30 ft - 60 ft further on from the stop-bar's white line. That's why people often complain that they got a red light ticket for going through a yellow light. The light may very well have been yellow at the stop bar but became red before they got to the promulgation of the curb line.



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