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    Default photo radar enforcement

    Photo Radar will be in use in Quebec.

    What is-it the best way to defeat such device???

    Which different types of counter measurement devices can Iuse, to defeat the enforcement cameras.

    ( Radar - Plate cover-Photo spray-or Gps base warning systems) ???

    Also About Laser, is it sommething who could warning me of this threat........


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    Default Re: photo radar enforcement

    If it is true photo radar like the ones we have here in Alberta, a sensitive radar detector will alert you in advance to its presence. I've have both the V1 and Bel STi and they work like a charm. See my videos for more detail:

    Valentine One:
    [ame=]YouTube - Valentine 1 vs. Edmonton Police Service Photo Radar Van[/ame]

    Beltronics STi Driver:
    [ame=]YouTube - Beltronics STi Driver Detecting Edmonton Police Photo Radar[/ame]

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    Default Re: photo radar enforcement

    Looks like your V1 gave you enough notice.

    I was disappointed with the STi's response. Do you feel that you could have slowed 20K/hr with that warning? I would have liked to seen it alerting you when you were parked.

    Driving into them head on won't get you a ticket, so that warning distance is useless.
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    Default Re: photo radar enforcement

    Not sure if my observation is right... it seems like even with a V1, the actual warning distance is very little because the radar itself is relatively low-powered.

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    Default Re: photo radar enforcement

    Does anyne know what kinds of cameras these will be - Fixed or Vans?

    I think I read fixed cameras, so the GPS would help.

    Also what are the bands - K or KA?

    Once we have these answers we can better prepares ourselves. It is not cool that speeding tickets in PQ end up on your NY driver's license.




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