When photo radar was started where I am from the operators sitting in the vehicle were required to place a sign on the roadside indicating the presence of photo radar. It was mentioned that the city wanted motorists to know so they would slow and drive careful. Kind of like preventive maintenance.

The photo radar operators placed these signs well in front of their vehicles after you had passed by.

They were then instructed to place them behind so motorists could see before hand and slow if they were in fact speeding. Photo radar tickets would not be valid unless these warning signs were properly placed.

Ok fair enough, a warning…oh…better slow down! Whew…No ticket for me…No revenue for the city.

Shortly thereafter the city permanently mounted road signs all over the place warning of photo radar. Operators no longer need to place any sign warning of their presence because the city has done it for them.

Of course these signs as I said before are mounted permanently to streetlamps/posts and of course are there 24/7 whether photo radar is there or not.

My point is…So what’s the point!