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    Default Could they be getting the message???

    Here's al ink to a recent article in the Buffalo News regarding the mayor's budget and red light cameras...very interesting reading...

    Can red lights keep budget in black? : City & Region : The Buffalo News

    Any thoughts? Please chime in!

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    Default Re: Could they be getting the message???

    I've always been skeptical of red light cameras. I understand their purpose, but at the same time I know that politicians are having the exact same discussion that I just read. They are just put in place to purposely catch you, and some of these cameras don't even work right. I specifically remember I got my picture taken for taking a right when I had the green arrow to go right? and why should I have to make a complete 0mph stop at that same intersection to avoid a ticket when it's 4 in the morning and I'm the only person on that street?

    I understand the city likes to project safety as their top priority but at the same time it's just getting rediculous and I don't support any kind of red-light or speed-camera not just because I hate getting tickets but also because it's just my city blatently telling me... "We need money, so we're taking it from you lower people."

    /rant over.

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    Default Re: Could they be getting the message???

    During the first year of use in Austin, TX. the accident rate went UP 30% at the intersections where red light cameras were installed. So much for the "increased safety" sales pitch!
    As an end result there has been a bill introduced in the current Texas legistive session that bans their use in Texas. Given the current municipal budget shortfalls I don't think that it will pass, THIS TIME!



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