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    Default American Traffic Solutions, how does it work?

    Recently my city has decided they need to make even more money and installed this companies hardware. They have installed the red light/speeding camera duo. I understand how the red light cameras work with sensors in the pavement but I am wondering how speed is measured unless it is with the same sensors. I cannot pick up anything with my late model V1. A retired police officer I know told me they are having big problems getting speed sensing to work and stated they might never. By the way he hates all this crap too.

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    Default Re: American Traffic Solutions, how does it work?

    It may have buried underground sensors spaced apart a known distance and use the VASCAR method, if so the only way to detect it would be a database of them and a GPS system or trapster.

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    Default Re: American Traffic Solutions, how does it work?

    ATS cameras use inductive loop sensors buried into the road surface to measure your speed. They are undetectable by radar detectors, because there are no signals to detect.



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