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    Default S. Florida Redlight CAmera

    I know Orlando has Redlight Camera based on using a flash camera. A town 5 miles from me is now installing RLC but doesnt look like its the common flash camera. Could this camera system be based on IR for image? The company who is installing these are the same company who install RLC for Tx. This town also is the only town in all of Florida that uses Speeding van and use a PL3 instead on low power radar.

    Juno Beach traffic cameras |West Palm Beach News, South Florida Breaking News, Forecast, Video from WPTV

    This is the best I can find regarding how they work:

    I ask because I wonder if veil on the plate would help.
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    Default Re: S. Florida Redlight CAmera

    I see a lot of cameras on intersections and I know most of them are used to monitor traffic flow and accidents. They are all pointed directly towards the intersection. However, those cameras that are pointed after you pass the intersections, are those RLC? How do you identify RLCs?



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