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    Default Calling all radar guru's!

    I have a manual for a type 24 Gatso and I've been trying to post the specs page on here but have had no luck.

    But what I'm wanting to know is if anyone can tell me the polarization of this radar from the following information listed in the manual?

    Thanks in advance.


    Type Slotted wave guide
    Beam 5 degrees horizontal, 22 degrees vertical

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    Default Re: Calling all radar guru's!

    nine c1 is your man.

    Have a read here [ame=]Polarization of Radar Waves - Escort Radar Forum[/ame]

    If I think I understand it correctly your answer is horizontal.

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    the radar from the Gatso 24 is Horizontal, thus, a Vertically mounted RD will give better detection range



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