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    Default SML do a Photo Radar comparison?

    Do you guys think SML (speed measurements lab) will ever compare the detectors against the increasingly popular photoradar?

    Its used virtually in every Asian country now, has been used in the UK and Europe for ages, and is spreading in popularity as it does not need to be manned for it to be raking in big bucks.

    I really wish SML or some other reputable org would compare the current best of the bunch (RX65, X50, V1) versus the photoradars. I've done my own tests and found the X50 to be best (with the RX65 virtually identical except for failing to warn 2 times, and the V1 a bit off the X50). I have videos of these tests as well to back this up. But i'd STILL prefer if SML did a comprehensive and trusted test.

    What do you think? Will SML or someone ever do it? Maybe in the upcoming 2005 test?

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    Default SML Has Done This

    They did The Speed Trap:
    How Radar & Laser Guns Make Mistakes

    it is a dated video now:
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